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Feel More Secure About Your Future

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The massive luxury retail and corporate complex covers six square blocks in the heart of Manhattan. Protected by over 200 security officers per shift and more than 2,000 cameras, the complex is seemingly impregnable, as secure as Ft. Knox. When Servimer was asked to help identify possible vulnerabilities in the security system, most security management team members doubted that any improvement was possible.

They were wrong. The very first of several evaluations of security personnel conducted by Servimer revealed some shocking surprises. Officers were found “resting” in camera dead zones. One was observed in the midst of a firearm violation, while another was distributing personal flyers at an entrance post. Unauthorized smoke breaks, empty posts, interactive violations with civilian personnel, personal cell phone use, and more. All of it was not only observed, but also captured on video, by Servimer.

Servimer has helped close the gap between perceived and true reality (see "Two Realities"). As Servimer revealed what they could otherwise have never seen, the security management team was able to revise their procedures and incorporate Servimer video mystery shops into their ongoing efforts to align with reality.

You likely agree that it would be naïve to assume that in your business everything is going exactly as it should when you’re not watching. You just can’t be everywhere at once. Even if you could, just your presence would alter the behavior being observed.

Servimer has been long recognized for integrity, diligence, objectivity, and remarkable covert videos in the mystery shopping industry. Our evaluators are ready to be your eyes and ears where and when you need them.

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