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Help businesses align with reality.

Current mystery shopping service providers do not focus on the most essential critical details of the operations. Servimer strongly believes that each shopper needs training before evaluating a business in which he or she is not an expert.   In addition to industry specific preparation and certification, shoppers are assigned coaches who are experts in the industry and can guide them in the process as needed.

Integrity needs to be a primary focus of quality control; therefore, Servimer includes integrity as part of every business evaluation. Servimer’s Loss Prevention techniques help clients identify “shrinkage” due to theft, fraud, or simple failure to follow proper policies or procedures. 

Some operations just need to prevent potential losses and turn to Servimer as their local eyes and ears. Some need video monitoring of their day-to-day operations.  Some need to test for strengths or weaknesses in integrity, risk management, and customer service.  Some take it even further by utilizing Servimer for training their hourly and management personnel.

From our founder, Art Alabin:

In early 2005, while working as an operations manager, my company had contracted with three different nationwide mystery shopping companies. The vast majority of reports came in with scores of 100%, providing minimal observations and no critical feedback as means to improve. Other reports clearly reflected a fundamental lack of understanding of the industry.  

One day I received a report alleging that an employee had not recorded a transaction and had pocketed the cash payment.  As part of my research, I urgently needed to speak with the shopper, but the mystery shop company took nearly two weeks to line up the conversation.  When we finally spoke, I quickly realized that the shopper could not recall any of the critical details needed to further investigate the employee who was being accused of maleficence.


I came to understand that if shoppers do not understand what they are looking for, they will not be able to see it, let alone remember it.  The reports I was receiving were unreliable, irrelevant and a waste of time and resources.  

I began to search for a mystery shopping company that could provide shoppers actually being educated in the industry being evaluated.  After six months of research, I could find none, so I decided to create one. Thus was Servimer born.

Art Alabin, CEO of Servimer

Our mission is to help businesses align with reality.

We equip businesses with tools to define reality, methods to control revenue and training to improve operations and customer service. 


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