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With a Servimer mystery shop, you receive accuracy, relevance, and insight into your specific operation. Whatever the issue, Servimer helps you to see it.  Whether it’s curb congestion, revenue collection, enforcement, your employees’ customer approach, or technology conflicts… we find it so you can fix it.  And where your operation shines, we’ll focus the spotlight to help you celebrate success.  

Mystery shopping is a method of operational evaluation through covert objective observation and personal interaction with a service provider. It is used to measure quality of service or gather specific information about products and services.


A mystery shop is the most effective and least expensive way to discern current operational reality. An owner or manager of a large organization cannot directly supervise operations 24/7. In-house evaluators are known by fellow employees, compromising observational objectivity. Only an outside mystery shopper is able to objectively describe a true customer experience and observe the candid conduct of personnel.  A mystery shop is an unfiltered and unbiased snapshot of reality.

Who needs mystery shops and why?

Businesses can thrive or die based on customer service. In competitive markets it may be the only factor that can distinguish a business from neighboring competitors. Administrators need unbiased information delivered by a third party, avoiding intermediary layers of managers and supervisors. Why “third party?” A third party does not have a vested interest in the content of information provided, only in its accuracy, no matter whether it reflects favorably or unfavorably upon the business or its personnel.

Mystery shops yield the following:


  • Objective description of current reality

  • Customer service quality measurement

  • Objective employee conduct evaluation

  • Reduction of integrity violations

  • Reduction of operational risk

  • Corporate and regulatory compliance

We are experienced in: 

















Servimer guarantees:

  • Report deliverance within 48 hours of location visit for non-video services

  • Mystery shops conducted by industry certified professionals

  • Digital photos of infractions

  • Court/Labor hearing representation

  • 24/7 service and support

  • Unlimited report customization

  • Unique Loss Prevention scenarios and techniques

  • 5-year archiving

  • Real time notification of critical infractions


Unlike other mystery shop providers, Servimer’s shoppers are encouraged not to limit their answers to the predefined questions, but to report ALL observations, positive and negative.  Having vast expertise in parking operations, Servimer requires its shoppers to also observe ticket and cash handling compliance relative to industry revenue integrity standards. 


Servimer uses cutting edge technology to develop, schedule, and transmit mystery shop reports through Research Metrics, a state of the art software platform.  Additionally, Servimer has a wealth of training resources, with downloadable files, videos, and training materials available for our clients and mystery shoppers worldwide.

Report data and analytics provide key insights into an operation’s state of affairs.

All reports can be filled out and viewed online on any device. Mobile apps are available for clients and shoppers. Alternately, shoppers can elect to access Servimer through the Gigspot platform used by over 50 mystery shop companies.

To start the registration process as a shopper, please click the link below.

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Typical Mystery Shop Companies (MSCs) do not focus on the essential details of parking operations and send unprepared personnel to evaluate rather complex business practices

Thus, they are unable to discern nuances, perceive problems, or understand discrepancies in operations. This gap between what parking industry businesses truly need and what typical MSCs deliver is being uniquely bridged by Servimer.

Parking is a business.  Even where it is offered as an amenity, it should still be treated as a business.  While customer service and appearances are crucial, risk management and integrity are foundational.  To this end, Servimer combines loss prevention strategies with customer service evaluation. 


Focusing on Integrity, Servimer uses mystery shopping, various types of audits, and video surveillance to reduce preventable losses caused by deliberate or inadvertent human actions.


Servimer sees its shoppers as parking recons who gather intelligence for clients to make informed decisions. Having over 150 specialized parking report templates, Servimer equips clients to take appropriate action no matter what type of operation is in place.  Our clients use Servimer reports in court hearings, arbitrations, negotiations, disciplinary or commendation measures.

Shoppers are trained in the basics of parking attendant practices.  Our training is unique and includes proprietary video for valet training, various online materials, and tests – much the same as Servimer uses to train parking attendants. 


Being experts in parking, Servimer offers a wide variety of diagnostics beyond our basics of valet and self-park operations, off-street and on-street parking, driver integrity, vehicle theft prevention, and remote management operations.


We also understand that our clients need to customize reporting to match the unique aspects of their operations and locations.  Thus do we tailor fit all reporting mechanisms at no additional cost for all our clients.


Servimer is the only Mystery Shopping Company in North America offering in-car video surveillance.  Our best shoppers are equipped with a variety of video cameras that Servimer designs and builds in-house.  The cameras are perfectly camouflaged so valet drivers cannot detect from even 2-3 inches away. 

Safety & risk management in parking 

Proactive risk management creates a safer, healthier, and more profitable business. Risk lurks around the corner and takes many forms.  In the parking industry it appears as operational threats, employee performance, competition, litigation, extreme weather, security threats, and natural disaster.


Any given day in the parking industry could yield potential risk to the health of the enterprise. Parking industry owners and operators need to have a proactive risk management plan in place to address all inherent and possible risks and to respond to a variety of business threats.


Servimer provides parking industry training and seminars with a proactive approach to understand and control risk.


Of particular note, highly complex valet mystery shops similar to one aired on the news video clip below are part of Servimer’s monthly routine across North America.


Click this link to watch video.


In business, we can focus so much on sharing information electronically and ever-increasing outlets for social
media that we lose sight of what people really need

Yes, clients do want to be able to communicate in various high-tech ways, but they crave a deep and meaningful connection. Nothing can replace the effectiveness of a voice-to-voice encounter, especially in the early phases of your client relationship and during ongoing customer retention.

Through Phone Mystery Shops, Servimer evaluates 36 distinct and essential service
delivery metrics with every phone call. In addition to written evaluations, audio
recordings of shopper calls are available within the U.S. as regulated by each
state’s laws.

More information about recording conversation laws is available here

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