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Servimer’s mission is to help businesses align with reality.


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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Surveys are part of Servimer’s DNA.  Since 2017, Servimer has been ranked among the top 5 companies that mystery shoppers want to work with.  In turn, Servimer provides the ESS tools needed for any organization to improve employee satisfaction and retention.

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Since 2017, Servimer has been ranked among the top 5 companies that mystery shoppers want to work with from among 300+ mystery shopping companies and over one million independent contractors in North America.

(Source: Mystery Shopper Provider Association)

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Servimer provides services and client support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has over 30,000 evaluators across all 50 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and throughout Canada.  

Client Testimonials

Servimer is the 5-star Rated Research Company according to Google. Maintaining 5-star rating means that your satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Servimer is engaged in auditing and mystery shopping of our parking operations on an on-going basis. The services are performed in a prompt and professional manner; providing results that were beyond our expectations and resolving any doubts we had. The most positive aspect of their work and a net result was that many of the locations, which were audited, immediately saw positive revenue increase that sustained itself over a period of time. The mystery shop program helped us to monitor our operations and helped reinforce our commitment to the values and standards at our company, and those responsible for the inappropriate actions were quickly identified.

Gerry Graves

PMI President

I cannot describe how valuable we find Servimer services. Being in charge of a fleet of shuttles and drivers, valet and selfpark facilities, I am unaware of the activity that occurs when the shuttles are off of our lot… positive or negative. By using Servimer “secret shoppers”, we are able to get a true report on the customer experience.  The majority of the disciplining of my associates are based on these reports, as well as commending for a job well done. Servimer will customize their reporting specifically for a particular business’s needs. Servimer is a great company to work with and I highly recommend them to other businesses.

John Groden

Chairman Airport Parking Committee National Parking Association

I recently performed my first couple of assignments for Servimer.  This company has made an outstanding initial impression with me.  The representatives that I interacted with are friendly, professional, and so very helpful.  They are there to assist and provide guidance every single step of the way.  This seems to be an extremely well run organization.   I can see why other forum members have mentioned becoming loyal shoppers.  This is a company that treats their shoppers as their professional business partners.





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