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A wide variety of shuttle mystery shop services for you!

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Servimer offers a wide variety of shuttle mystery shop services:


  • University

  • Hospital

  • Airport

  • Employee

  • Car Rental

  • Municipal

  • Venue/Event


The most frequent objection to doing transportation mystery shops is, “Our buses are equipped with video cameras.” Based on years of experience, on-board cameras never fully capture a driver’s conduct. The most common violations discovered during mystery shops include, but are not limited to:

  • Using phone to talk or text while driving

  • Inappropriate language

  • Playing prohibited music

  • Picking up unauthorized passengers

  • Not wearing seatbelt

  • Speeding

  • Not wearing uniforms

Addressing these issues as they arise will increase safety, reduce costly fines or litigation, improve service compliance, and increase revenue through customer retention.

Rewarding drivers for safe driving and appropriate words and conduct when mystery shop report is positive will improve driver retention, organizational morale, and promote healthy competition among drivers.

Fully customizable survey templates can capture as many data points as desired during each mystery customer ride.

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Using body-worn hidden surveillance cameras during the ride will allow you to observe the complete customer experience right from your phone or computer. Click here for more details.

Discover the full benefits of using Servimer’s eyes and ears inside your shuttles! References from current clients are available upon request.



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