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Servimer audits provide a thorough review of the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of an operation.

Parking Surprise Operational Audits:

Parking Lot

These surprise visits are conducted by a team of specially trained auditors who gather and analyze data for various aspects of the operation focusing on loss prevention and risk management.   Moreover, they expertly conduct critical observations of adherence to, or lack of adherence to, operational policies, personnel integrity and corporate organizational objectives.

Depending on the desired scope of analysis, Servimer Surprise Operational Audits take anywhere from two hours to three full days of onsite observations.

When corrective recommendations are implemented, Servimer Surprise Operational Audits regularly yield increases in annual revenue of $40,000-$125,000 per facility.  A record savings was realized by a single parking operation in Baltimore, MD, where annual revenue increased by $2.8 million.

Servimer audits are suitable for compliance reviews as required by Sarbanes-Oxley, and are usually more affordable than audits done by a company’s internal auditing department.  All operational audits are presented through Servimer’s online database, Shopmetrics, featuring state-of-the-art reports and on-the-go connectivity through mobile apps. 

Finantial Audits:

In addition to the Surprise Audits and Operational Reviews, Servimer auditing include:

  • Compilation

  • Financial Reviews

  • Financial Audits

Financial Report
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