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Security Surveillance


Servimer designs and installs video surveillance systems for any need in any setting.  

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Open video surveillance serves as a deterrent for theft and provides evidence for mitigating risk management claims.  Covert systems make it possible to monitor the integrity of personnel in settings where unmonitored cash handling could otherwise lead to significant revenue loss.  Systems are available for permanent installation or temporary use, and have been placed in settings ranging from offices, to open and enclosed cashier booths, and even in cash retrieval vehicles. 

Apart from ordinary security camera installations Servimer has unique expertise in covert camera installation in office settings and mobile operations.  Servimer’s tech team has developed a mobile application providing 24/7 in-vehicle covert surveillance. This innovation helped one Servimer client identify and eliminate an annual loss of over $100,000. 

Servimer’s hidden systems are completely undetectable even if viewed from mere inches away.  Mobile apps make it possible to view camera footage and manage video files remotely.

In connection with consulting on a certain project, during the investigation Servimer also uses covert body-worn and stationary video cameras to learn behavioral and traffic patterns.

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