Increasing emphasis in the mystery shopping industry is being placed on gathering video evidence of service interactions and employee integrity


Servimer is a vanguard for this service, having developed its own specialized video equipment to provide the irrefutable evidence often needed for retraining, discipline, or even prosecution.  About 20% of Servimer mystery shops are ordered as video assignments and are conducted by only the most highly trained and accomplished mystery shoppers.  With a variety of body worn covert cameras and custom designed covert cameras for vehicle interior surveillance, Servimer provides a breadth of video options unparalleled in the mystery shopping industry.  Our customization of equipment assembly has given us a further competitive edge with significant reductions in pricing for our clients.

Servimer is the ONLY company in the U.S. providing in-car covert video solutions within a mystery shop setting.  We are proud to deliver superior quality, unprecedented 3-day video report delivery time, and unbeatable low cost.

All in-car cameras are built and/or assembled in-house.  Most cameras have 2K resolution and can be controlled via WiFi. 


Servimer video shops are superior in quality and delivery time, and are provided at half the price relative to any other video mystery shopping company across the U.S. and Canada.


A cutting edge development being incorporated by Servimer is the use of Satellite Image Processing for research and data analysis. Super powerful cloud platforms perform intricate calculations such as determining the weight of a moving vehicle, the number of people or vehicles inside a structure, traffic rates, etc.