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Why Two Realities?

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Whether we want it or not there are two realities, one perceived and one true.  In a perfect world they ought to be the same. But ours is not a perfect world.

It is said, "Perception is reality."  Perception as a reality exists in your customers' minds and hearts and is fashioned by friends, family, media, and past experiences.  It is helpful not only to know that it exists, but measuring can help you to respond in a constructive and timely manner.  Some good news is that perceived reality is easy to measure through opinion polls and reviews.

However, true reality is often quite different.  Sadly, until it is probed , you might not be aware of it.  In a business it often takes place where a manager isn't looking or can’t see.  It takes the form of words and behavior that get cleaned up when the boss is around, but it is seen and heard by customers who may never visit again without bothering to complain.

Would you agree that you can't improve what you do not measure?  Unfortunately, too many executives think that by automating systems and increasing supervision, they no longer need to probe, test, and measure for true reality.  A business can invest in automated equipment, then add surveillance cameras, then hire security to watch the customers, employees, and monitors, etc.  However, true reality remains unidentified and thus unknown, concealed by blind spots and masked behavior.

Click on this one-minute video for a glimpse of true reality.  Then type “SERVIMER” into your search bar.  Let Servimer show you the difference between truth and perception, so your business can truly thrive.

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