• Artem Alabin

Why Two Realities?

Updated: 4 hours ago

There are actually two realities, perceived and true. In the perfect world they should be the same. Maybe on Mars, but ours is not a perfect world.

There is a saying “perception is reality.” The perceived reality could be measured through customer surveys and reviews. For a business to thrive, the perception should not rank lower than the true reality. However, do you really need to know the truth?

Peter Drucker, the author of “Managing in a Time of Great Change” says, we have to measure what we want to improve, but how one can measure the truth? Isn’t it better to keep things in order and control from the start? Then there won’t be a need for checking.

Thus, perception of control is often confused with its measure. Businesses invest in the automated control equipment. Then, add video cameras…. and a security team that can watch customers, camera monitors, and the equipment. All these sound good, believable, and easy to sell to a client. But in reality… Find out from this short video what really happens.

Then type in the search bar “SERVIMER.” Let us show you both truth and perception for the sake of truly thriving.


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