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How to Look Where You Can’t See

Updated: May 3, 2021

Servimer was recently contracted to investigate allegations of prohibited behavior by shopping plaza employees. After just one day of covert observations, Servimer was able to show that the real issue was customer behavior, in some cases unaddressed by security policy, and in most cases unenforced by contracted security personnel.

This reorientation of the owners’ focus for remediation resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars saved through low-tech and low-cost solutions. They simply needed to be able to look at the situation objectively and tactically in order to understand and address their true reality.

So, how can you look where you can’t see? At Servimer we believe that enabling businesses to see their true reality creates a solid foundation for launching vision and achieving a business’s full potential. Let Servimer be your business’s eyes and ears. Servimer uses covert customer interactions and observations supported by both stationary and roving hidden cameras to get you the results you need to see and evaluate your true reality.

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