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Your Digital Footprints

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

First impressions are no longer created firsthand. Your potential customers have likely already formed a firm opinion of your business based on online reviews. If those reviews are good, you’ll have a chance to showcase your excellent customer service and the true worth of your enterprise, turning potential customers into life-long loyal patrons.

If those reviews are not good, you’ll never even know that the potential customer existed. The sad reality is that you can’t regain the trust of someone who chose to never meet you.

When you add current COVID concerns and the extraordinary new expectations for safety and hygiene, one glance at your current reviews will show how hard it will be to maintain that absolutely critical 4-star or higher rating.

The cure? MarketMax, a complete social media reputation management toolkit by Servimer. The premise is simple; to improve something, you must measure it. MarketMax reveals the state of your online reputation and provides the tools to mitigate the often unwarranted negative content and enhance with true and positive impressions in order to sculpt a positive social media presence.

MarketMax innovatively features:

• Daily monitoring of structured reviews

• Automated COVID alerts

• Regional and location-level intracorporate benchmarking

• Benchmark comparisons relative to immediate competitors

Servimer deploys Market Max effective January 1, 2021. To protect your business and brand, schedule your custom presentation by contacting Servimer today, or view our recent MarketMax webinar by visiting

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