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Servimer Maintains 5-Star Google Rating

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

"The whole Servimer team works hard to maintain its 5-star rating on Google for its clients and workers. Since 2017, Servimer was ranked among the top 10 companies that mystery shoppers want to work with from among 300+ mystery shopping companies and over one million independent contractors in North America."

Mystery Shop Forum,

The following testimonials are excerpts from Google and other sites’ reviews:

“The content we received at financial, security and training levels was always first rate and at reasonable costs… We adopted many of their suggestions for operational improvements.

“…they are a great partner and provide a valuable service to our hospital campus…”

“Good place to work with a lot of potential…"

“…focused on integrity, both in its evaluations for clients and in its own relations with contractors…”

“Management will guide you every step of the way with patience and praise…”

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