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Premium Parking Partners with Servimer

In the mid-2000’s two companies were born to be industry disruptors. Premium Parking was organized as a technology enterprise revolutionizing the parking industry. Servimer built a mystery shop service from scratch, dreamed into reality from the mind of a full-time parking operations manager.

Fifteen years later, Premium Parking is partnering with Servimer as Premium’s exclusive service provider for hospitality parking mystery shops. The fit could not be better.

Through their combined effort, Premium is seeking to optimize personal front-line service, from frictionless first impressions at arrival to uplifting sentiment at departure, all while maximizing parking revenue for their hospitality clients. Servimer brings to the relationship its expertise in covert evaluations of valet aesthetics, parking professionalism, risk mitigation and revenue integrity assurance.

“We are truly honored to share in Premium Parking’s efforts to advance their guest-focused, tech-enabled hospitality parking,” said Artem Alabin, Servimer’s Founder CEO. “Servimer is ready to connect, respond, and impress right along with Premium in taking hospitality parking to the next level of efficiency and excellence.”

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