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Centerpark and Servimer Partnership

When you own and operate the garage, there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to taking responsibility for everything seen, heard, or happening in the garage. To then invite the premier parking mystery shop company to regularly evaluate every aspect of the operation reflects either a collective of very brave individual parking leaders or a nearly unheard of company-wide commitment to receiving critical feedback.

Centerpark [] is both, and they have proven their uniquely high self-standards as parking owner-operators by selecting Servimer as their mystery shop service provider. The visionary boldness of this new partnership is being paralleled by Centerpark’s continued expansion of prestigious holdings and successful operations throughout the metro-NYC area.

“It’s inspiring for us at Servimer to partner with Centerpark in support of their continued growth and expansion during a time when so many operators are downsizing and divesting,” said Art Alabin, Founder and CEO of Servimer. “Servimer’s custom designed parking evaluations built on the industry standards of customer service, aesthetics, risk management, and revenue integrity are helping Centerpark thrive in the present while adding locations for the future throughout the New York City region.”

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