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A Sad Covid-19 Reality - Theft on the Rise

Based on Servimer’s years of experience in evaluating parking operations during previous times of widespread challenge, we expect there to be an increase in revenue shrinkage and other forms of theft activity.

This was proven accurate when nearly 70% of parking mystery shops completed by Servimer in NYC over the last 2 months indicated prosecutable violations in ticket and vehicle handling procedures. Multiple attendants were caught on camera.

The sad irony is that while many crime rates are down due to social distancing restrictions, for reopened businesses the number of scams and revenue diversion schemes are on the rise as reported by Forbes, BBC, Time Magazine, FTC, etc. As Scott Decker, professor at Arizona State University and the author of Burglars on the Job, said, “It is all about opportunity.”

During supervisory scale backs implemented during lockdown operations, and with the irregularities of reopening business after Covid19, there has been and will be much more “opportunity.” It has always been so during economic distress, with two main contributing factors: 1) Employees who are desperate for income give in to temptation in the face of cash revenue and unsupervised vehicles, and 2) There is a shortage of auditing and office reconciliation personnel due to staffing cutbacks or furloughs.

Servimer is the gold standard for the parking industry in providing the proof needed to uncover revenue shrinkage and in-car theft. We’ll give you the proof you need to take remedial action before a customer or property manager takes punitive action against your operation. Contact us to determine the most cost-effective ways to use mystery shopping during the reopening of parking operations in the safest and most profitable manner.

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