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We believe in health business reopening in the new Covid-19 economy through systematic safety and integrity compliance reviews.  The most efficient, affordable, and unbiased assessment is a compliance mystery shop. Order one today!

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Servimer’s newly developed software provides the capability for client managers to combine social media management, customer feedback, internal audits, and mystery shops conveniently on one screen.

Safety is foundational to Servimer’s work. You already know how Servimer reports protect your personnel, your customers, your facilities, and your revenue from internal and external threats. Now Servimer is taking safety analysis to a whole new level by offering COVID-Compliance evaluations for all types of operations. From internal and corporate standards to all levels of governmental regulation, Servimer is here to help you see where your operations shine, and where they may be in jeopardy of devastating violation.

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COVID-Compliance modules include:

·         Consumer Safety and Support

·         Personnel Safety and Care

·         Regulatory Mandated Signage

·         Pursuit of Touchless Processes

Servimer’s COVID-Compliance questionnaires are fully customizable at no additional charge to existing clients. Covert body-camera video and in-car camera video amplify reported findings.

Learn how Servimer Covert Video works.

Businesses that choose Servimer always receive objective, truthful and relevant reporting to help maximize safety, satisfaction, and revenue.  We now look forward to working with you through COVID-Compliance so that your operations will not only survive but will thrive within the new post-pandemic economy.

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