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One Parking Selects Servimer

In continued pursuit of excellence, One Parking has selected Servimer as their exclusive parking mystery shop service provider. With over 100 locations nationwide, One Parking’s experience and expertise stretches across all asset classes, such as commercial, residential, mixed-use, and municipal.

Founded in the early 2000’s, Servimer and One Parking have each grown tremendously over the past two decades. One Parking’s unwavering focus is on the provision of Best-in-Class Service and is premised on Presence, Response Time, Safety, Reporting, Training, and Compliance. Similarly, Servimer has set the industry standard for parking mystery shopping and is built on the four pillars of Customer Service, Aesthetics, Risk Management, and Revenue Integrity.

“In many ways, it is as if Servimer and One Parking were brought together to be partners in this industry,” said Art Alabin, Founder and CEO of Servimer. “Our shared values and guiding principles create a natural partnership, and it allows Servimer to support One Parking in their pursuit of a pinnacle customer experience with full operational integrity.”

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