We believe in healthy business reopening from Covid-19 through systematic safety and integrity compliance reviews. The most efficient, affordable, and unbiased assessment is a mystery shop. Order one today! 

Surgical Mask

The COVID-19 Integrated Response Toolkit equips you to ensure customer and personnel safety while capturing a greater market share throughout reopening and into the

post-Covid-19 economy.

4 Essential Steps

Acquire - Analyze - Act - Achieve 

  1. Acquire Relevant Customer Data
    Integrate key customer data sources across all available channels.   Social media data from organic online consumer reviews

    • Customer feedback from solicited and unsolicited sources including, if applicable, your existing brand-loyalty apps 

    • Internal compliance and safety evaluations – performed on location by your front-line workers using our customizable mobile reporting apps.

    • External compliance and safety evaluations by Servimer mystery shops and/or Servimer professional auditing

  2. Analyze
    All relevant data is integrated into trend-identifying, asset-reinforcing, threat-exposing, and action-driven reporting.

  3. Act
    Your analytics output yields customizable integrated action management for automated and ad-hoc/on-demand actions.

  4. Achieve
    Internal corporate compliance, external regulatory compliance, maximized market share acquisition, and most importantly… SAFETY!


You cannot improve what you do not measure. To discuss this exceptional latest development Toolkit. 


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Integrated Pandemic Response Checklist


Servimer is ready to equip you for any and all of the following critical aspects of thriving in the reopened new economy

Social Media Reputation Management

  • Protect your business and brand with Social Reputation Management
  • Learn about your competitors and benchmark against them

Customer Feedback Management

  • Engage with online surveys
  • Integrate with existing brand-loyalty mobile apps (where applicable)

Internal Evaluations (Internal Audits)

  • Perform on-site evaluations using in-house or Servimer-provided online and mobile apps

    • Operational/Checklist Audits

    • Photo/Video Audits and Self-Audits

  • Integrate with existing operations apps (where applicable)

External Evaluations (Servimer Audits and Mystery Shops)

  • Educate staff about health and safety measures and their implications
  • Promote operational awareness and preparedness via increased frequency of mystery shop evaluations and more frequent report reviews with staff
  • Recognize personnel who go above and beyond to carry out the mission of the brand 


Customize your Servimer analytic tools to meet your local needs and corporate requirements. 

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